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Calendar Girls

2003, Nigel Cole.

Plot from wiki:
When Annie Clarke's husband John dies from leukaemia at an early age, her close friend Chris Harper, anxious to purchase a comfortable sofa for the visitors' lounge in the hospital where he was treated, hits upon the idea of printing a calendar featuring some of the members of the Knapely branch of the Women's Institute discreetly posing nude while engaged in everyday activities, such as baking and knitting, in order to raise funds. Her proposal initially is met with great scepticism, but she eventually convinces ten women to participate in the project with her. They enlist one of the hospital workers, an amateur photographer named Lawrence, to help them with the concept.
The head of the local Women's Institute branch refuses to sanction the calendar, and Chris and Annie go to a national congress of the Women's Institute in London to plead their case. They are told the final decision rests with the local leader, who grudgingly agrees to the calendar's sale. The initial printing quickly sells out, and before long the tiny village is bombarded with members of the international media anxious to report the feel-good story.
The women are invited to appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in Los Angeles. While there, tensions arise between Chris and Annie. All the publicity surrounding the calendar has taken a toll on their personal lives, and they lash out at each other in angry frustration. Annie accuses Chris of ignoring her husband and son and the demands of the family business in favour of her newfound celebrity, while Chris believes Annie welcomes the Mother Teresa-like status to which she's been elevated that allows her to cater to the ill and bereaved who have bombarded her with fan mail. All is resolved eventually, and the women return home to resume life as it was before they removed their clothing.

It's a true story, like you've lett prim, and is very divertent to see these old babbions make photos completely naked, like mother have made them many many years before.
To say really really, this film sometimes broke the penis, sbrocc a lot, and I think that some things are fregnacc, but most are correct. Another time 'stu furbman, Nigel Cole, use a story to explain not only the main story, but also other concepts. For instance, the show business that inglobe, corrupt the babbions, especially when they went in USA.

Like often happens, albiones stay avant a tutt quant. In these times is glamour publish calendar with every strunz on the planet, but not at quei times. Tant di scappellament to the babbions, in honor sense, non sexualy, s'intend...
I don't understand why a lot of coglions have cumprat that calendar e'mmerd, with 'sti geriatric cess, but who fuck about? A lot of money are piovut dal ciel for hospital and research, and this is the essential, at the end.
I don't understand why people spent money for calendar of best of gnocc too! Most esilarant thing that me tocc to listen is: it' art! but vafammocc, in the ass of your sister... it's only porcon (max respect for they, and for the most ancient job of the world) that sell her/his bodies for money. Why raccont cazzat?? Do you think that we are deficient? I like that some women make it, but stop with strunzat, stop please!

Babbionesssssss!!! One beer from me for everyone of you!
And the winner isssss... PUSSY !!!! I love pussy, love love love pussy... and peace.


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  1. In tema "femminista" care apostole del celibato. Lo scandalo non e' il prete pazzoide di Lerici. Ma la signora Bartolini/Lario in Berlusconi.
    "Puttana in pectore" (Santanche' cit.)

  2. bella film è carino, ma la rece is much more a spanzament of LOL :)

  3. Hi unwise! I like that you piac the review :D